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RUPES is a family business founded in 1947 in Milan, Italy. The name RUPES (pronounced Roo-Pes) stands for “Realizzazione Utensili Pneumatici Elettrici Speciali.” Translated from Italian to English, this loosely means “Manufacturer of Special Pneumatic and Electric Tools.”

RUPES history is composed of significant achievements that have transformed tool industries; in 1951 the RUPES 123 Stork instantly becomes an international hit that sparked the continued evolution of existing machine tools; in 1962 the RUPES TP/PC drill, the first tool in the world with body made of polymer instead of a traditional cast metals to reduce tool weight, improve electric insulation and safety; in 1968 the BR 8 launched, the worlds first electric random orbital sander with integrated dust extraction; in 1974 the first electric palm sander was released; in 1985 introduced centralized and mobile vacuum systems; in 2008 RUPES revolutionized orbital orbital polishing with the creation of the LHR 150 with its 10mm diameter random orbital, a larger orbit than had never been seen before; in 2010 under the brand BigFoot, the bar was set even higher in the world of finishing and detailing with new 15mm and 21mm orbits; in 2016 launched the newest generation of Skorpio random orbital sander, the Skorpio III, stronger than ever with better comfort and lower vibration.

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