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The RUPES SKORPIO III is what every random orbital sander operator needs, an extremely quiet tool that has tremendous power and low vibration. The newly designed pneumatic SKORPIO III is the quietest random orbital sander in its class. Further, it comes in a choice of orbit sizes to fit your particular application and allows for attachment of both 5" (125mm) and 6" (150mm) backup pads.

RUPES Skorpio III Random Orbital Sander 3mm Picture RUPES Skorpio III Random Orbital Sander 6mm Picture RUPES Skorpio III Random Orbital Sander 9mm Picture
3mm, RH353A 6mm, RH356A 9mm, RH359A
The 3mm orbit is designed for finishing applications with 320 grit and finer abrasives; small orbit combined with high rpm and quality abrasives delivers a high quality finish that is perfectly prepared for paint and coatings The most popular SKORPIO III, the 6mm orbit features a 20% increase in time efficiency than 5mm random orbit sanders yet still results in the same high quality surface finish when used with medium grit abrasives The 9mm orbit tool is designed primarily for roughing and material removal applications when used with abrasives between 36 and 120 grit; this tool is aggressive but light in weight and ergonomically designed

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