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Indasa Ultravent

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Indasa Ultravent is more than just a multi-hole system applied to Indasa Rhynogrip discs. Indasa has developed a unique and highly advanced dust free sanding solution with the scope to transform the future of machine sanding.

The Ultravent system combines abrasive discs with interface pad and an innovative backing pad which utilizes patented vent channels that maximize air flow. Together, these three elements make the most powerful integrated vacuum sanding system. The extraction capacity virtually eliminates abrasive clogging, prolongs performance and provides a clean, healthy working environment. The superior dust free sanding process produces a highly consistent finish, maximizes operator efficiency and optimizes performance.

Indasa Ultravent Picture Indasa Ultravent Picture Indasa Rhynogrip Ultravent Flyer Indasa Rhynogrip Ultravent Flyer

INDASA Ultravent Technology: