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RUPES S 145 Portable Dust Extractor with 16.5' Coaxial Hose and Fittings, S145EPL

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Product Overview:

The RUPES S 145 Vacuum is the latest portable dust extraction unit that allows for sanding with both electric and air tools. This extremely quiet and energy efficient unit is suitable for extracting dust from sanding in various types of industrial work and also suitable for fluid extraction (with appropriate filter bag) allowing for a cleaner working environment, better finish results, improved efficiency, increased operator health and reduced abrasive costs.

This package INCLUDES: one 16.5' Coaxial Antistatic Air/Vacuum Hose Assembly for pneumatic tools (9GAT02004/AS), vacuum connecting 2-way union fitting with claplet valve (allows for 1 or 2 tools to be connected at the same time) (67.092/C), Polyester Cartridge Filters (036.1108) and one Fleece Filter Bag (130.1108).

RUPES S145 Vacuum Dust Extractor Included Accessories

The S 145 vacuum unit has the option for connecting one electric tool up to 2,400 W of power and one or two pneumatic tools.

RUPES S145 Vacuum Dust Extractor Connection Options

Features include self-cleaning filter system, manual or automatic start-up options, speed control, liquid-level indicator, working-time memory and service-interval indicator for replacement of motor brushes, an electrostatic charge dispersion device and pivotable front connector for hoses, generous rear space for cables and accessories, plus top-mounted ledge for accessories and tools. A tool sander holder bar, 049.108C, is also available, sold separately.

RUPES S145 Vacuum Dust Extractor Features

The patented RUPES automatic filter cleaning system ensures maximum extraction efficiency under all working conditions. The air flow passing through the filters is inverted in alternation every 30 seconds through a system of valves, thus ensuring efficient cleaning action. With this innovative system, the operator is able to continue working without any interruptions or reduction of efficiency in the extraction process due to dirty or clogged filters.

RUPES S145 Vacuum Dust Extractor Automatic Filter Cleaning Illustration

This vacuum system is equipped with a 45 liter (11.88 gal) drum. Its special structure ensures durability but remains lightweight and manageable during movement in all workplaces. The shape enables maximum expansion of the filter bag, fully using the volume of space provided by the drum.

Technical Specifications:

Air Connection for Pneumatic Tools Yes
Electric Outlet for Electric Tools Yes
Working Feed Pressure, Bar / PSI 6 / 90
Max Air Flow Rate, L/min 1,450
Power, W 1,200
Tool Power, max Watts 2,400
Air Flow Rate m3/h / ft3/h 165 / 5827
Weight, lb 30
Noise, dB(A) (EN 60704-3) 62-73
Container Volume, L / gal 45 / 11.88
Internal Connector Attachment mm / in 50 / 2
Filter Class (EN 60335-2-69) M

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