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Presta UV Creme Wax Collection

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Product Overview:

Presta UV Creme Wax provides long lasting shine and UV protection on fiberglass, gel coat and painted marine finishes in one easy step.

Presta UV Creme Wax features a blend of technologically advanced polishing agents and waxes combined with amino-functional silicones, dual functional UV absorbers, silicone resin and polymers to create unbeatable gloss and exceptional protection against salt, corrosion and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Also cleans contaminants and corrects minor imperfections.

Available in quart and gallon sizes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides long lasting UV protection for fiberglass, gel coat & painted finishes
  • Protects against salt, corrosion and UV rays
  • Exceptional shine and protection in one easy step
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Cleans contaminants and corrects minor imperfections


  1. Before applying, wash boat thoroughly with Presta Ultra Concentrated Boat Wash (#166232) to remove heavy accumulations of dirt and grime
  2. Make sure surface is cool and dry prior to application
  3. Shake well before using
  4. Apply UV Crème Wax to the surface using a soft cloth or wax applicator pad and spread wax to a thin, even film
  5. Apply to one section at time or to the entire surface
  6. Allow wax to dry to a light haze and polish off either by hand using a soft, clean micro fiber cloth or with a random orbital polisher and soft buff pad

Data Sheets:

  • Click here for Presta UV Creme Wax Technical Data Sheet
  • Click here for Presta UV Creme Wax SDS

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