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Norton 5" 8-Hole A296 Gold Reserve No-Fil Vacuum Grip Sanding Discs

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Product Overview:

Norton A296 Gold Reserve No-Fil 5" 8-Hole Vacuum Grip Sanding Discs produce a consistent surface finish on aluminum, wood, fiberglass and composites delivered with a quick, cool cut. Improves performance 25% over conventional abrasives at a cost that won’t break the bank.

No-Fil stearate coating with a water-based, non-loading design prevents clogging, and vacuum holes help control dust in your work space. The NorGrip backing uses a hook and loop design for quick disc changes.

5" size, 8-hole vacuum pattern with Norgrip (hook & loop) backing fits the most common 5" grip backup pads.

Sold 50 discs per box.

Suggested Applications:

Coarse grit discs (60, 80 grit) offer a consistent finish and fast cuts while generating minimal heat on many substrates. A296 offers tear resistance and maintains flexibility.

Medium grit discs (120, 150 grit) are long-lasting and get the job done with P-graded premium aluminum oxide, even on painted or primed surfaces. Vacuum holes quickly remove dust, while water-based No-Fil stearate resists loading and the conformable, flexible C-weight latex paper backing resists tears.

Fine grit discs (180 to 320 grit) produce consistent surface finishes and quick, cool cuts with the P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive. The disc conforms to your projects without tearing thanks to the strong yet flexible C-weight latex and paper backing.  Tackle finishing and micro-finishing jobs on primed or painted surfaces, wood, composites, fiberglass, aluminum and metals for maximum versatility.

Features and Benefits:

  • P-graded aluminum oxide abrasive provides increased life, fast cut rate, consistent finish
  • Unique fiber reinforced, flexible C-weight latex saturated backing increases tear strength while retaining flexibility
  • Water-based stearate, No-Fil coating, open coat, and vacuum holes minimize loading and maximize dust collection and life
  • Good choice and value for medium grit dry sanding and finishing aluminum, fiberglass, composites, hard woods and soft woods
  • Hook and loop back for easy disc mounting and changing

Technical Specs:

  • Size: 5"
  • Vacuum Pattern: 8-hole
  • Grain: Aluminum oxide
  • Attachment: NorGrip (hook & loop)
  • Grit Range: 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 220, 320
  • Paper: B/C-weight, latex
  • Coating: Water-based stearate
  • Package Size: 50 discs per package

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