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Mirka Polarshine 3 Ultra-Fine Compound & Wax, 1 Liter, FC3

Mirka Polarshine 3 Ultra-Fine Finishing Polish & Antistatic Wax, 1 Liter, FC3

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Product Overview:

Mirka Polarshine 3 Ultra-Fine Finishing Polish & Antistatic Wax (FC3) is an ultra-fine polishing compound, suitable for protecting achieved high gloss finish on both original paintwork and repainted surfaces.

Polarshine 3 is excellent for buffing and sealing of surfaces and for hologram swirl mark removal. It leaves a long-lasting high gloss shine and it is ideal for demanding colors. The anti-static properties make surface dust repellent and keeps it cleaner.

Contains Carnauba wax, Polarshine 3 is suitable for both machine and hand application, use with a black foam finishing pad or microfiber cloth.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ultra-fine polishing compound that contains Carnauba wax
  • Anti-static properties make surface dust repellent and keeps it cleaner and reduces the static electricity
  • Leaves long lasting high gloss shine
  • Removes holograms (swirl marks), particularly on darker colors
  • Suitable for both machine and hand application
  • Convenient 1 Liter (1.05 Qt) bottle

Mirka Polarshine Quick Guide, Sealing


Surface Types:

Polishing Machine:

  • Gelcoat
  • Clear coat
  • Top coats
  • Random Orbital: 6,000 to 10,000 rpm
  • Rotary Polisher: 800 to 1,100 rpm
  • Manual: By hand with applicator and microfiber towels

Polishing Properties:

Polishing Pads/Wipes:

  • Cut: Hologram swirl removal
  • Gloss:  10 out of 10
  • Natural lambswool pad (polishing)
  • Black foam pad (finishing/polishing)
  • Microfiber cloth

Technical Specs:

Storage Recommendations:

  • Density: 0.95 kg/l
  • Viscosity: 20.5 Pas
  • Color: White
  • Ph: 8.5
  • Keep from freezing
  • Recommended temp 59°- 77°F / 15° - 25°C

Work Instructions:

  1. Shake or stir polishing compound before use
  2. Do not use too much compound at a time. Use a small amount on a focused area - less messing and clean up!
  3. Clean thoroughly before and after polishing
  4. Work focused on an area of 16" x 16" (40 x 40 cm) at a time
  5. Polish until final gloss is achieved
  6. Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth after application
  7. Keep the pad clean, a dirty pad causes deep swirls and scratches

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