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Indasa WhiteLine RhynoStick PSA 2-3/4" x 27.5 yd Long Board Sanding Rolls, 320 Grit, 96-320

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Product Overview:

Indasa WhiteLine Rhynostick 320 Grit 2.75 Inch x 27.5 yd Long Board Sanding Rolls offer the best balance of productivity, quality finish and cost effectiveness.

WhiteLine is the best option when a very high initial cut and lower costs are desired. A great choice for sanding and finishing fillers, stoppers, composite materials, soft woods, wood coatings, walls and dry wall.

WhiteLine features aluminum oxide grain and a special lubricant stearate no-transfer coating to resist clogging and pilling; the result is a high performance abrasive system that offers extremely high initial cutting power, high stock removal and good surface finish. 

Rolls are 2-3/4" wide and generous 82.5' (27.5 yd) length and available from 36 to 400 grit. Also available in Indasa PlusLine and RedLine series, click here for more info.

Application Suggestions:

    • Dry sanding 
    • Sanding and finishing of fillers, stoppers, composite materials, soft woods, wood coatings, walls and dry wall 
    • Scuffing and rectifying clear coats 
    • For use with self-stick hand blocks

    Features and Benefits:

      • Highest initial cutting power and initial stock removal 
      • Special anti-clogging, no-load lubricant coating (80 to 400 grit)
      • Suitable for many applications and materials
      • High performance and provides good surface finish 

      Compares To:

      • 3M Red
      • Norton A296 Gold Reserve
      • Mirka Basecut

      Product Specification:

        • 320 grit, C weight paper with self-adhesive backing 
        • Lubricant coating (80 to 400 grit)
        • Aluminum Oxide abrasive 
        • Modified synthetic resin bonding 

        About Indasa Abrasives: