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Indasa 6" Rhynogrip PlusLine 15-Hole Sanding Discs, 1065 Series

Indasa 6" Rhynogrip PlusLine 15-Hole Sanding Discs, 1065 Series

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Note: Limited quantity of 15-Hole vacuum pattern in stock. Replaced with new Utlravent Multi-Hole vacuum pattern. Discounted sale price only applicable to 15-Hole pattern, while supplies last.

Product Overview:

Indasa PlusLine Rhynogrip 6" 15-Hole Vacuum Sanding Discs (1065 Series) are high performance abrasives that offer high-flexibility, resistance to cracking, excellent edge wear, extended service life and a consistent surface finish.

PlusLine is an excellent choice for working on shapes, edges, contoured surfaces and softer materials. Latex backing allows sanding of contoured parts and folding of paper without cracking. There is no grit shedding, especially on the edges of discs.

Plusline grip discs are available in 5" Solid, 5" 5-Hole, 6" Solid, 6"15-hole and new 6" Ultravent multi-hole pattern that  fits most vacuum backing plate hole patterns and maximizes dust extraction. Grip hook & loop backing keeps discs cooler for longer working life-time than PSA self-adhesive discs.

The PlusLine grain distribution is slightly more open and features a long working lifetime, particularly suited on softer materials (e.g. short cured automotive surfaces, soft and resinous woods, certain composite materials). 

PlusLine offers a surface finish inline with the best abrasives in the market while up to 25% less in price. Sold 50 discs/box.

Application Suggestions:

  • Machine and hand sanding with hook & loop backing pads and hand blocks
  • Sanding soft materials such as fillers, top coats, short cured automotive surfaces, soft and resinous wooden surfaces, wood coatings and certain composite materials

Features and Benefits:

  • Strong latex material allows folding
  • Excellent resistance to cracking and edge wear
  • Excellent edge wear resistance and no grit shedding
  • High resistance to clogging for very long working life time
  • High performance on softer materials
  • High quality consistent finish
  • Multi-hole pattern for excellent dust extraction and backing plate compatibility
  • Grip (hook & loop) velour backing
  • Up to 25% less than similar competitor products yet superior results

Compare To:

  • Norton A275
  • 3M Gold
  • Mirka Gold
  • Mirka Royal

Product Specification:

  • B/C/D weight latex backing paper with velour
  • Lubricant coating (150 to 1000 grits)
  • Aluminum Oxide abrasive
  • Modified synthetic resin bonding
  • Available in 6" size discs
  • 15-hole pattern assures excellent dust extraction; fits on most vacuum backing plates (e.g. 6-hole, 8-hole, 9-hole Festool, Mirka Abranet multi-hole pattern)
  • Grit range 40 to 1000
  • 50 discs per box

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