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Farecla Profile Select Liquid Compound Collection

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Product Overview:

Farecla Profile Select Liquid Compound for Industrial and Marine applications; designed for tooling, production gel coats, paint and solid surfaces.

Farecla Profile Select is a great value and versatile swirl-free cutting compound aimed at OEM applications. With Profile Select, you "Select" the application by your buff pad selection allowing you to aggressively remove 800 grit scratch marks from tooling or production gel coat to finely remove 1,500 grit sanding marks from painted surface.

Profile Select Liquid Compound performs best when shaken before use and run at high speed (2000 to 3500 rpm).

Quickly remove 800 grit or finer marks from tooling or gel coat using a Farecla Wool Pad in one-step. On painted surfaces using a Farecla G-Mop Lambs Wool Pad it will very quickly remove 1,500 grit sanding marks and leave a good finish. Enhance the finish for an even higher gloss following with Farecla Profile Finish Compound if desired.

Features and Benefits:

  • Great Value - New technology gives a high performance at a value price
  • Versatile & Swirl Free - Excellent on tooling and production gel coats, painted surfaces and solid surfaces including artificial marble, Corian, etc
  • One-Step on Gel Coats - Quickly and permanently removes 800 grit of finer sanding marks in a one-step process
  • Fast Acting - Shake and run at HIGH SPEEDS (2,000 to 3,500 rpm) for a super fast cut on gel coats using a G-Mop Twisted Wool Pad or painted surfaces using a G-Mop Lambs Wool Pad
  • Minimal Throw & Easy Clean Up - Water-based formula
  • Contains no silicone (paint shop friendly)


  • Suitable for gel coats, painted surfaces and solid surfaces including artificial marble, Corian, etc.

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