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Farecla Profile 300 Rapid Cut Paste Compound, 3kg, 64012

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Product Description:

Farecla Profile 300 Rapid Cut Paste Compound (64012) is a versatile medium cutting surface restoring compound that works fast and provides a deep gloss finish.

Profile 300 is a favorite among professional detailers for surfaces in fair to good condition. Water-based formula makes clean-up easy and is safer to work with.

Universal applications, Profile 300 will remove marks on virtually every surface including vinyl ester, epoxy resins, gelcoat, paint, varnish, solid surfaces, artificial marble and many other industrial surfaces. Profile 300 will remove 1,000 dry sanding marks or 1,200 wet and dry sanding marks from most substrates and leave a permanent high gloss finish that will not haze back.  

Profile 300 is designed to be used as a single-step process providing excellent gloss level on light color surfaces using a Farecla G-Mop Twisted 4-Ply Wool Pad. For dark colors, Profile 300 is the 1st step followed by Farecla Profile 700 Finish Polish and Farecla G-Mop Black Finishing Foam Pad for swirl mark removal. 

Finish off with a quality wax such as Farecla Profile Polymer Wax to keep surface protected for months.

Profile 300 Paste is packaged in a 3.0kg (6.61lb) size tub. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Extra Cut quickly provides excellent gloss in one-step from 1,000 dry or 1,200 wet and dry abrasive marks using a Farecla G-Mop Twisted 4-Ply Wool Pad
  • Profile 300 is extremely versatile and will permanently remove marks and polish to a high gloss on virtually any surface 
  • Suited for Marine Paint and Lacquer, Gel Coat, Composite Manufacturing, Advanced Composites (e.g., Carbon Fiber Epoxy), Solid Cast Polymer Surfaces and Artificial Marble
  • Specially formulated with more abrasive makes quick work and requires less material resulting in big savings vs. competitor products!
  • Water-based formula allows for easy clean up with water and is safer to work with and better for the environment
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or fillers so no chemical residue left behind, only the polished surface


Compounding Tips for Optimal Results:

  • Use with a compounding twisted wool pad such as a Farecla G-Mop Twisted 4-Ply Wool Pad
  • Apply only a small amount of Profile 300 to pad or surface
  • Spread compound out before compounding
  • With variable speed buffers, work at 1,500 RPM or higher
  • Use as either a single-step process for excellent gloss or as a two-step process following either Farecla Profile 100 Extra Heavy Cut Paste on weathered materials or as initial step followed with Farecla Profile 700 Finish on dark colors
  • Use water spray to prevent drying out
  • If working by hand, wet pad slightly with water to help compound break down
  • Follow with a quality wax such as Farecla Profile Polymer Wax for ultimate protection
  • Pads may be rinsed with water to clean and extend life

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