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Farecla Profile 100 Extra Heavy Cut Paste Compound, 3kg, PRE306

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Farecla Profile 100 Extra Coarse Heavy Cut Paste Compound, PRE306, 6

Note: New look, same great product. Formerly called Profile Extra Coarse Cut Paste.

Product Overview:

Farecla Profile 100 Extra Heavy Cut Paste Compound (PRE306 / 63866), nicknamed "liquid sandpaper", is a water-based cutting compound that is extremely aggressive and will remove 600 grit dry sanding marks from most substrates.

Farecla Profile 100 is designed for aggressive compounding of polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, gel coats including tough tooling gel coat, paint, solid surfaces, stone, artificial marble and many other industrial surfaces.  

Farecla Profile 100 is often used in the first stage of a two-step polishing process when high gloss is required. For best results, use with a Farecla 4-Ply Twisted Wool Grip Pad, followed by a medium compound such as Farecla Profile 300 for deep gloss in a two-step process; finish off with Farecla Profile Polymer Wax to keep surface protected for months.

Profile 100 may be used as the sole step when a lower gloss effect is desired.

Water-based formulation means it's environmentally friendly, safer to use and will extend buff pad life compared to traditional petroleum-based compounds.

Packaged in a 3kg (6.6lb) container, equivalent to approximately 3-liter (3-quart) bottles of liquid compound.


Features and Benefits:

  • Special coarse abrasive cuts out up to 600 dry or 800 wet and dry abrasive marks 
  • Special hard abrasives to cut even the hardest tooling gel coats, molds and composites fast
  • Provides low gloss effect, suitable for use on stone and granite 
  • Excellent as the first step in a two-step process on faded gel-coat, finishing with a medium compound such as Farecla Profile 300 for deep gloss
  • Economical - high concentrated abrasive formula means less product and faster working time 
  • Does not contain "fillers", ensuring that gloss effect achieved is permanent and marks will not reappear
  • Water-based formula allows for easy clean up with water and no staining black rubber or upholstery
  • Water-based formula eases buff pad clean up and extends pad life 3-4 times compared to traditional high-VOC compounds
  • Contains no harsh hazardous chemicals or silicone, safer to work with and better for the environment

Directions for Use:

If needed, before polishing, sand up to:

  • P400 or finer (Polyester resin or gelcoat)
  • P600 or finer (Vinylester resin or gelcoat)
  • P600 or finer (Epoxy resin or gelcoat)
  1. Ensure surface is clean, dry and cool to the touch
  2. Mix product well before use
  3. Apply a small amount of product to the applicator
  4. Spread over the surface and polish (speed depends on applicator used)
  5. Work in small areas at a time, keeping the applicator flat to the surface
  6. Wipe clean and repeat if necessary

Tips for Optimal Results:

  • Use with a compounding wool pad such as Farecla G-Mop Twisted 4-Ply Wool Pad
  • Apply only a small amount of product as too much will be wasted and can reduce cutting action
  • Compound at speeds of 1,800 to 2,500 RPM in small areas at a time to prevent dry out
  • Clean pads regularly with a spurring tool to remove dried product and clean with water
  • Excellent as the first step in a two step process on faded gel-coat, finishing with Farecla Profile 300 for deep gloss
  • Finish off with Farecla Profile Polymer Wax as final step to protect surface and enhance gloss
  • Mist with water to prevent drying out
  • Buff pads may be soaked in water and spun dry to extend pad life

Fact Sheet:

Click here to download the Farécla Profile 100 Fact Sheet


Click here for Safety Data Sheet

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