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Farecla G3 Glaze Gloss Enhancer

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Product Overview:

Farecla G3 Glaze Gloss Enhancer is a protective product with excellent filling capabilities for minor scratches and swirls. Leaving extra shine and a protective layer on the surface, G3 Glaze offers a water repellent yet breathable and durable coating on all paint systems.

G3 Glaze may be applied by hand or ideally applied using a Farecla G Mop Finishing Black Foam Pad, which was engineered in tandem with the glaze to provide optimum performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Rapidly Enhanced Gloss - Provides added shine quickly with no need to re-apply, saving time and money
  • Excellent Filling Capabilities - Helps eliminate minor swirls and holograms from all paint systems to ensure a flawless finish
  • Protective Properties - Provides a durable, water-repellent barrier that allows fresh paint to breathe
  • Color Restoration - Restores the luster to faded paintwork for ultimate customer satisfaction


    Technical Info:

    Farecla G3 Glaze Gloss Enhancer Data Fact Sheet

    Farecla G3 Glaze Gloss Enhancer Safety Data Sheet

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