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Epifanes Seapower Color Restorer, SPCR.500

Epifanes Seapower Color Restorer, SPCR.500

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Product Description:

Epifanes Seapower Color Restorer (SPCR.500) quickly and easily renews the original color and gloss to paint and all faded gelcoat surfaces without damaging the gelcoat itself.

Epifanes Seapower Color Restorer removes severe oxidation, dirt deposits and dullness, producing a fresh-looking surface. This product is appropriate for all colors, even dark colored gelcoats and paints are restored to “like new” condition.

Simple to use by hand! Apply with a soft cloth and rubbing briskly in overlapping circular motions. Allow to dry. Wipe with a dry cloth or cleaning rag. Turn cloth repeatedly to assure a brilliant luster. 

Protect renewed finish with Epifanes Seapower Super Poly Boat Wax and maintain regularly with Epifanes Seapower Wash-N-Wax Boat Soap (sold separately).

Packaged in a 500ml (1.05 pint) bottle.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quickly and easily renews gelcoat and paint
  • Removes oxidation and restores color
  • Simple to use by hand with a dry cloth
  • 500 ml bottle

Application Tips:

Shake bottle well before using. Remove any loose dirt or grime. Apply with a soft cloth. Rub in a brisk, overlapping circular motion. Rubbing firmly increases the polishing effect. Allow the product to fully dry before buffing. Refresh cloth frequently to ensure a brilliant luster. Follow with Epifanes Seapower Super Poly Boat Wax to protect the surface against future deterioration and maintain regularly with Epifanes Seapower Wash-N-Wax Boat Soap (sold separately).

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