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Dura-Block AF4431, Ultra-Flex Series Scruff Sanding Block

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Product Overview:

Dura-Block Ultra-Flex Series Scruff Sanding Block (AF4431) is designed for sanding and prep work. It allows for easy use, rigid blocking power yet with improved flexibility.

Perfect for wet or dry sanding. Size is 5-5/8"L x 9/16"H x 2-5/8"W. This block can be used with 2.75" PSA (sticky-back) abrasive sanding rolls, cut to suit.

DuraBlock sanding tools are made from durable, high-density patented closed-cell 100% EVA rubber. They are sized and shaped to follow contours and flat surfaces while preventing dents, ripples and gouging.

Sold one block per package.

Features & Benefits:

  • 5-5/8"L x 9/16"H x 2-5/8"W
  • Designed for sanding and prep work
  • Allows for easy use, firm yet with improved flexibility
  • Use for wet or dry sanding
  • Pair with 2.75" PSA (sticky-back) abrasive sanding rolls
  • Made from durable, high density patented closed-cell 100% EVA rubber
  • 20 PCF thickness for more rigid blocking power
  • Sold one block per package

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