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ArroWorthy Silky Mohair 9 Inch Roller Covers, 3/16" Nap, 9PBM

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Product Overview:

ArroWorthy 9" Size 3/16" Nap Silky Mohair Blend Roller Covers (9PBM) are designed for applying extremely fine paint finishes. 

Great for applying gloss and semi-gloss marine coatings, fiberglass resin and epoxy systems. The short 3/16" nap height is ideal for application of extremely fine finishes. Also features a solvent resistant core (SRC).

These roller covers are washable if cleaned immediately and may be reused.

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Features and Benefits:

  • 3/16" nap for extremely fine paint finishes
  • Solvent resistant core (SRC)
  • Safe for all paints including latex and oil
  • Washable if cleaned immediately and may be reused
  • 9" size
  • Made in USA


Mohair covers should also be preconditioned in the solvent used for thinning. Preconditioning prevents the lack of paint release caused by the paint attaching to the fibers.

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