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ArroWorthy Microfiber 7 Inch Roller Covers, 1/4" Nap, 7MFR2

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Product Overview:

ArroWorthy 7" Size 1/4" Nap Microfiber Roller Covers (7MFR2) are made of a special blend of high capacity, non-shedding European woven fabric good for all paints and stains, especially suited for new low VOC coatings.

1/4" nap height is perfect for smooth surfaces. Features a solvent resistant core.

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Features and Benefits:

  • 7" length and 1/4" nap height  for smooth surfaces
  • Made of a special blend of high capacity, non-shedding European woven fabric
  • Good for all low and high gloss paints and stains, latex, acrylic, flats and enamels, especially suited for new low VOC coatings
  • Made in USA

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