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Buff and Shine 7.5" Center Ring Wool, Yellow Blend 4-Ply Twist, Medium Cut / Polishing Pad, 753RY

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Product Information:

Buff & Shine 7.5" Yellow Wool Blend 4-Ply Twist Medium Cutting/Polishing Grip Pad (753RY) is made of a special wool blend and designed for light compounding and polishing applications.

Recommended for rotary polishers and fits 6" size grip backing plates such as Buff and Shine 600Y and 658Y.

This pad is part of Buff and Shine's Center Ring Buffing System which features a plastic recessed edge that protects the backing plate from coming into contact with the buffed surface and centers the pad perfectly eliminating pad wobble.

Buff and Shine 753RY pads are constructed of plush yet durable 100% twisted 4-ply wool blend with 1.5" pile height and a strong and washable grip backing structure. Yellow color helps differentiate from other buff pads. Washable grip hook & loop backing.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wool blend (yarn), 4-ply twist
  • 7.5" diameter, 1.5" pile height
  • Fits 6" size grip backing plates such as 600Y and 658Y
  • Made with highest quality plush durable fibers
  • Washable grip hook & loop backing structure
  • Recessed backing offers surface protection from backing plate
  • Recommended for rotary polishers
  • Sold 1 pad per package
  • Made in the USA

Application Suggestions:

  • For light compounding and polishing applications

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